Iguazu Falls National Park: Information and Tours

Iguazu National Park, in Spanish Parque Nacional Iguazu, is located near Puerto Iguazú, Province of Misiones, in Argentina. It has an extension of 67,720 hectares (167.34 acres) within the Paranaense Forest ecoregion, and it’s one of the most incredible places you can visit in South America.

The Iguazú River, which means “big water” in Guaraní language, flows into the Paraná River. It is 1,500 meters wide (0.9 miles), and runs through islands and islets to finally fall from a lava cliff formed 120 million of years ago.

Gregorio Lezama was the first owner of this land and, considering them of barely no value, sold them at a public auction using a sign that read “rainforest area surrounded by many waterfalls”.

The following owner, Domingo Ayarragaray, developed it a bit further by building a hotel and roads so that visitors could see the waterfalls, and he also exploited local wood resources until President Hipólito Yrigoyen’s Government acquired the land.

After becoming a national heritage, on October 09, 1934, Iguazu Falls was declared National Park by UNESCO.

Iguazu Falls receive millions of travellers each year, visiting Iguazu in more than 2, 3 or 4 days, enjoying a beautiful natural enviroment. There some people (usually cruise passengers of people that come to Rio de Janeiro or Buenos Aire for working) that visit Iguazu in a one day tour, returning back to the city they are in the same day.


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